Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Hot Love


Red Hot Love Relationships. Discover 77 Skills And Ideas For Turning Up The Heat In (and Out Of ) The Bedroom. This Breakthrough New Ebook Is For Anyone Who Wants A Closer, More Connected, More Intimate And More Passionate Relationship.
How a Balding, Overweight, Middle-Aged Man and a 50 Year Old Librarian Created a Close, Connected and Alive Love Relationship Filled With Passion, Intimacy and Incredible Lovemaking.. AND How You Can Too--No Matter What Your Age!

This book is an excellent resource for coupleslooking to deepen their relationship. Each chapter is informative, but short and easy to digest. It covers a wide variety of subjects, from your internal thoughts on sex, and what might hold you back there, to new ideas for seducing your partner---and everything in between. Tip #39 is one of my new favorites, and has certainly sparked a fire between my lover and I, and drawn us closer. Red Hot Love Relationships provides a clear pathway for couples who want to revive or ignite their love life. This book even covers the "taboo" subjects, but is done in a healing and non-threatening way.

I like the way you both think and write about love, and look forward to checking out some of your other books as well.

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